“Home Care Manager Certificate Program” E-Course

HCAW has partnered with CAHSAH in the launch of a newly updated online course for home care managers and front line supervisors covering core business operating principles and identifying tools necessary to successfully manage a home care agency. What is unique about this program is that it covers the specific regulations that impact Washington providers. This e-course was designed to build management skills and to help leaders understand the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and Washington state specific laws impacting their home care agencies. The e-course covers the fundamentals of budgeting, financial management, compliance, marketing, regulatory and human resources of entry level home care managers.

The “Home Care Manager Certificate Program” e-course is available through CAHSAH’s On-Demand Training portal. This new-age technology allows participants to receive the benefits of an in person training without the travel costs. The video streaming technology provides a visual of the presentation alongside the PowerPoint handouts. This e-course format will allow leaders from all over Washington to participate from the comfort of their office/home at their own pace. The e-course is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week--anywhere there is internet connection.

All registrations are processed directly through CAHSAH. Please send all registration forms directly to CAHSAH, as HCAW will not be accepting them.  To register today online, click here.

For more information, please contact HCAW at or 425-775-8120 or CAHSAH at or at 916.641.5795 ext. 122.

The Home Care Association of Washington (HCAW) and The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) are two of the leading statewide home care associations in the nation and the voice of home care in their respective states. Both associations represent home care providers and strive to provide them the education and resourses they need in order to provide high quality, cost effective services to the patients and clients they serve.

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